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Computer Services at Home

Even those who are tech-savvy can run into problems with their computer. If you’ve found yourself in need of help with your technology, there’s no need to unplug everything and haul it across town to a repair shop. There are plenty of computer issues that are impossible to diagnose away from the house. Which is why we offer computer services at home.

Mobile Computer Services will come to you to solve your tech-related problems, such as:

Repair Services

Our reliable and fast computer repair support will help you with computer breakdowns. We can reinstall Windows and OSX onsite, optimise and clean-up your operating system, remove malware and viruses, install antivirus programs, help you migrate to a new computer, and more!

Internet & Network

If your computer is working well but you’re having internet or network issues, we can help with those too. If you are unable to access the internet, have slow internet, pages that won’t load, poor wireless coverage, or are looking to get a network set up, then we can help.

Data Backup

If you’re worried about losing valuable data, whether that be family photos or important databases, we can put data backup solutions in place. We can back up to external drives manually or on a schedule, set your computer to back up every time it shuts down, support you with network-attached storage or cloud storage, and other solutions.

Data Recovery

If you’ve already lost data after a hard drive, USB stick, or SD card has stopped working, there are a range of techniques we can use to help recover that lost data.

If you’re in need of computer services at home, call us on 07779 610840 or get in contact via email at info@mobile-computerservices.co.uk. We’re available until 7pm Monday to Friday to fit into your schedule.