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Don’t Replace, Upgrade!

Maybe you spent hours combing the internet for the perfect laptop to suit your needs. You chose the right processor for the programs you want to run, with room to spare, amongst all of the other little details like graphics card, RAM, and which colour looks best. But it’s been a few years since then.

You’ve been diligently taking care of it, with the best firewalls and scanning for malware regularly. You clean out your files and uninstall unused programs but software has taken a few leaps and when loading the programs you need, things are getting a little slow.

For those who already have a level of knowledge about computers, there are fewer reasons to call out an expert to come and take a look. But if your laptop is in perfectly good working order, it’s just a couple of years behind, there may not be a need to replace it.

When you were doing that initial search you may have chosen a laptop that has interchangeable hardware. If what you want to replace is soldered to the motherboard, you may have to replace the entire machine eventually. But if not, you’re in luck!

For example, a graphic designer using programs like photoshop may switch out their graphics card for a heavy-duty and faster upgrade, taking some of the strain off of their older laptop when loading newer programs. However, the inner workings of a laptop can be delicate and if you’ve never had to tinker with them before it might not be the best idea to do so without guidance!

Mobile Computer Services are more than happy to talk you through whatever we’re doing with your machine. Not only that, we will come to you. No need to bring your laptop into a store and leave it for days. We will have your machine turned around in no time.

If you want to find out more about our laptop repair services in Stoke, contact us or call on 07779 610840.