Improve your System’s speed with a Solid State Hard Drive

one sure-fire way to breath life into a slower older system or even pep-up a new one is to install a solid state hard drive. A computer can only be as fast as it’s slowest component and in many cases its the old platter hard drive that’s causing the lag when opening a program or the annoying slow start up.

The video below shows just how much quicker a solid state hard drive is compared to a hybrid (Hard Drive using a Small SSD as cache) and a regular platter based hard drive. the PC’s used in the demo are identical. See for yourself how much quicker the SSD is!

These’s Hard drives can be retrofitted into most PC’s and laptops or specified when building a new one.

One thing to note is the capacity of an SSD is usually less than that of a ‘normal’ platter drive. However, you can use an SSD and normal HDD together to provide the best of both worlds.

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