Internet or Network Setup and Support

No matter how hard they try, Internet service providers cannot keep your home and business internet connection running 100% of the time.
That’s where Mobile Computer Services can help. We offer a complete suite of services to make sure your connection the world wide web gets back up and running everytime it falls over and drops out.

Helping you fix the following problems?

  • Cannot access internet
  • Slow internet, pages not loading
  • Pinpointing fault and liaising with internet service provider until satisfactory conclusion
  • Poor Wireless coverage
  • New Hardware setup – eg new router, additional wireless access points, Powerline Ethernet Kits
  • Adding Devices to network – eg New wireless printers / scanners etc.
  • Home or small office network creation and support 
(file, music, accounts sharing etc)
  • Email account troubleshooting and setup
  • Network Cable installation