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Internet Speed Explained! 

Our computer repair in Stoke can help solve internet connectivity issues and help educate you on the ins and outs of your broadband and Wi-Fi Speed. But how can you check your own internet speed?

If you find that your internet is running slowly, you may want to complete an internet speed test. This breaks down information about your upload speed, download speed, ping, packet loss, latency issues and many other details. These can all determine if your internet is running poorly. We have broken down a typical internet speed test to explain how each aspect plays a part in your internet experience.


The speed of your internet is measured in Mbps (megabits per second) and the faster the transmission from the web to your computer, the bigger the Mbps.

Download Speed

The download rate tells you how much data your Wi-Fi or broadband connection can move from online to your device.

Upload Speed

The upload rate specifies how quickly you can transfer files from your computer, which is vital to know for those who regularly use cloud services to store files.


Connects show you the number of connections that can be recognised simultaneously, and the higher the value, the better.


Pings refer to the response delay, which is particularly important for those who use their computer to game.

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