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So, Your Internet Is Fast but You’re Having Connectivity Issues?

Your internet provider has assured you that your internet is working with great speeds. Maybe you’ve even checked your internet speeds yourself using our handy blog post, Internet Speed Explained! But your connection often drops and sometimes you just can’t connect to that one printer no matter what you do.

Our computer repair service in Stoke is equipped to help.

Why am I having problems?

There are many reasons a computer may be having connectivity issues. From outdated drivers and misconfigured settings to older buildings incompatible with modern Wi-Fi signals.

Finding the problem can often be half the challenge.

What is the cause?

The issues that crop up are dependent on the type of connection your device has to the router. A Local Area Network (LAN) which connects your device to the router with a cable or a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). Generally, LAN connections tend to suffer less connectivity issues but aren’t exempt from them either.

After establishing which connection your device has, we can then start looking for the root cause of the problems. You could be having hardware issues involving your router, network adapter, and modem or software issues involving the drivers and programs on your devices.

Is it just one or all of your devices suffering issues with connection? This will be a good indicator as to whether you are having hardware or software problems.

We may even find you’re having issues with your Proxy settings. We don’t recommend you adjust these yourself but many viruses will adjust them to disable your internet and maintain control of your device.

If you are experiencing problems with connectivity and need help and advice to resolve them, use our computer repair service in Stoke. Unlike your internet service provider, we are able to come to your home or office to diagnose the problem quickly and solve them effectively. Speak to a member of our team on 07779 610840 or fill out our contact form.