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Student Laptop Repairs

University can be a bit of a minefield and your laptop is an essential part of navigating your lectures and further study. There’s no guarantee that a laptop or computer will be available in the library and if you’re coming up to coursework deadlines or exams, you need your laptop back to full working order as soon as possible.

Even the tech-savvy are sometimes reluctant to open up a laptop. The delicate components in a tight space, seemingly millions of tiny and easily-lost screws, among other factors means that even if you think you know what you’re doing, it might still go wrong.

This is where Mobile Computer Services comes in. Our fantastic technician has years of experience fixing broken laptops. Whether is be a software or hardware issue, we can come to you and restore your laptop to its full potential.

We can also help with:

Internet and network problems:

If you’re living in dorms, unfortunately, there’s little we can do for the hardware your university has supplied for your Wi-Fi signal. However, if your laptop is acting up and doesn’t seem to want to connect or is very slow compared to others on the same connection, we can help to fix that.

Data back up and restoration:

Many universities now won’t accept computer or laptop problems as a reason for extensions on deadlines, so it’s important that you don’t lose your work. We can set up automated back ups of the data on your laptop and even restore data from broken hard drives.

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